California To Offer FREE Driving To Consignment Stores

Well it appears that Google has developed a car that drives itself. Yes you read it right no
driver required. California Governor Edmund Gerald “Jerry” Brown, Jr. signed into law allowing
this vehicle to operate in the State of California.

Imagine now you can just get into your car and say your favorite consignment store and its location
and the vehicle will automatically drive itself to the store. I don’t know if the vehicle is capable
of finding you a front row parking space or not. While the vehicle is driving you can put on your
make-up, shoes, phone a friend, browse your laptop, read some sale ads, change your top or get dressed.

After you are done shopping you can then tell your car to take you to another favorite resale store or a
restaurant for some lunch. While the car is driving itself you can then look over your recent
purchases, try some of the clothes on, take off the price tags or just sit back and take a short nap
after the long workout looking for those bargains.

Some of the more upscale consignment stores may want to purchase one of these vehicles for their
customers. The store owners could just tell the car to go pick up Jane Doe at her house and
bring her back as we have a big sale going on.

It now appears that maybe the Jetsons TV series could become a reality.

Rich Folks Bombard Consignment Shop

While recently visiting a local consignment store I noticed something strange in the parking
lot. I thought for a moment the consignment store had went out of business. The lot looked
more like a upscale car lot. Looking around I seen several vehicles you would usually find at your local Neiman Marcus or on Rodeo Drive. There were Mercedes, Porsche’s, Cadillacs and a Rolls Royce. Normally I would find older vehicles and a maybe a few later ones parked across the lot.

Upon entering the store I seen several ladies who appeared to have been lost. They were wearing their designer clothes, fashion shoes and bearing large jewelry fit for a queen.
After further examination of the store I noticed their was a new
section added with ‘One of a Kind’ items.
This section held high quality antiques along with top designer clothes of all kinds.
Evidently the store had changed ownership since my last visit.

The new owner, who herself was very well to do, had bought the location and decided to go upscale with the consignments and go after the high end consumer. By the looks of
the normal customer inside it appears she was doing something right.

It seems like only yesterday when you mentioned a consignment store the so called ‘Upper Class’
would frown upon hearing it. Times sure have changed over the years. It appears everyone
regardless of monetary value turn to consignment stores one time or another.

While I hope everything works out for the new owner I must chalk this consignment store off my list.

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Bad Economy is Good For Sales

There are many small business owners who are having robust sales during this slow
economic times. With many people out of work, record
foreclosures and high unemployment consumers across the country have been counting
every penny. Even those who are still gainfully employed have down sized on their
spending habits. Many small resale and consignment store shops have seen an increase
in sales over the past year. Lots of items consumers would normally buy new are now
turning to second hand stores, resale shops and consignment stores for bargains.

While their are those who are looking to buy many have turned to consignment stores
to raise some money. Women in the work place have found many bargains in slightly
worn apparel at their favorite consignment store. Some resale and consignment stores
offer trades with a small cash difference.

If you are looking for a way to stretch your dollar check out your local consignment
stores in your area or online. If you need to raise some money to help out with
those bills you may want to consider selling some of your things you are no longer